established 2007



Wolf Cubs - Den ?

2010 - 2011

Wolf Den Leader:
  Craig Bossen
Assistant Wolf Den Leader:  VACANT


100 Years of Scouting

Did you know in 2010 the Boy Scouts of America will celebrate it's 100th year?  From now until 2010 the Boy Scouts of America has many fun activities, awards, and events for you in celebration of the Scouting Centennial.



Bring your book to every den meeting so we can help track your progress



Wolf Tracks


Wolf Tracks is the path to achievements. Below you will find quick links to the Achievements that can be earned by Wolf Cubs. It is recommended to start at the left and work to the right as some achievements and their awards can only be obtained with successful completion of preceding achievements.

Bobcat Badge   Wolf Rank   Religious Emblem   Belt Loops & Pins


Wolf Fun


Here are some fun resources for Wolves to use

Boy's Life Online       NASA Space Place