established 2007



Webelos Summit Achievement Award

The Summit Achievement Award is a multi year, multi-program award. Started while still in Cub Scouts as a Webelos, this award is presented to transitioned Boy Scouts who have completed both Webelos Cub Scout specific requirements as well as initial Boy Scout requirements.

The Summit Achievement award recognizes those Webelos Scouts who have gone above and beyond their Arrow of Light requirements and have a strong start on their Boy Scout adventure. The pack and troop must work together to ensure that all Webelos transitioning into a troop have the opportunity to enjoy the complete Scouting adventure and earn this award. Use the Summit Achievement Award Progress Card to track you progress for this award. The Webelos Den Leader verifies the completion of the Webelos Requirements and the troop leadership signs and dates the completion of the Boy Scout requirements.

When completed, the Summit Achievement Award Progress Card should be submitted to the Northern Star Council's Membership Committee for approval.  The award patch can be obtained ONLY by presenting the completed Summit Achievement Award Progress Card at the Customer Service Counter at either the East or West Northern Star Council Offices.  This patch is NOT available at the local Scout Shops.

Both the Webelos Requirements and Boy Scout Requirements must be completed to earn this award.


Webelos Summit Achievement Award Requirements



  1. Earn the Arrow of Light Award plus 3 additional Webelos Activity Pins

  2. Attend one Boy Scout outing or a Troop Court of Honor

  3. Complete three hours of community service with a Boy Scout Troop

  4. Join a Boy Scout Troop of your choice

Boy Scout Summit Achievement Award Requirements



  1. Be active in your Troop and Patrol for six months

  2. Within six months from time of registration, attend at least three troop outings

  3. Within six months from the time of registration, earn the Tenderfoot Rank

Download the Northern Star Council Summit Achievement Progress Card here.