established 2007



Webelos Compass Point Emblem and Pins

The Compass Emblem and Points are similar to the Progress Towards Rank beads used in the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Ranks.  They are an extension of the Arrow Points from that Wolf and Bear Scouts earn after earning their respective ranks.


Compass Point Emblem



A Webelos Scout can earn the Compass Point Emblem after he has earned the Webelos Badge. The Webelos Badge requires three Activity Pins. After earning four MORE Activity Pins, for a total of seven, the Webelos Scout can wear the Compass Points Emblem. It is attached to the button on the right pocket flap of the Webelos uniform blue or khaki shirt.


Compass Point Pins



After earning the Webelos Compass Points Emblem, the Scout may earn a Compass Point Pin for each four additional Activity Pins. There is a maximum of three Compass Point Pins that may be earned. This makes a total of nineteen Activity Pins (sixteen beyond those required for the Webelos Badge) to earn the Compass Points Emblem and the three Compass Point Pins.


*** Scouts completing the Compass Point Emblem and all three Compass Point Pins should seriously consider working on completing the Webelos Super Achiever Award.