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Webelos Colors

The Webelos Colors consist of woven green, red, and gold streamers (tabs) on a blue metal bar with the border and word "Webelos" in gold. It is worn on the right sleeve immediately below and touching the U.S. flag if no Den number is worn  If Den number is worn, under and touching the Den number. If colors are worn, activity badges are worn on the tabs. Webelos Colors are an optional uniform item, and if a Webelos Scout opts to not wear their colors, the Activity Pins are attached to the Webelos cap.

The Webelos Colors were nearly phased out in the 1980's however an outcry of opposition has kept this traditional Webelos item in existence.  There is little documentation on this item and is nearly extinct in the Webelos Scout Book.

There is no set requirement for obtaining the Webelos Colors and they may be purchased at the Local Scout Shop. 


Webelos Colors




There is no official set of requirements for the Webelos Colors and the Webelos Colors may be purchased at any of the Local Scout Shops.
Pack 042 may choose to award the Webelos Colors to Webelos after performing a task determined by the Committee / Cubmaster / Webelos Den Leader(s).  Check with the Cubmaster or Webelos Den Leader(s) for Pack requirements for the current year.