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Additional Youth Awards - Cub Scout Centennial Quality Unit Award

To improve the quality of program in every Scout unit across the country, The Boy Scouts of America has introduced the Centennial Quality Award.  This award program is an opportunity to salute those Scout units who truly deliver exceptional programs to youth members at all levels of Boy Scouts of America programs                                                                                 .

The Centennial Quality Awards program is designed to recognize units, districts and councils who deliver quality programming base you goals and objectives set by units, districts and the council.

A quality program for our youth is what Pack 042 continually seeks, and is committed to supporting this goal.

Every Unit, District and the Council will establish annual goals to accomplish in key areas of quality program delivery.  When a unit, district or council earns this award, it makes a statement that they have provided their youth members with the highest quality program experience possible..


Cub Scout Centennial Quality Unit Award




2007 Pack 042 Leadership has been working hard to fulfill the requirements for the Centennial Quality Unit Award.  The commitment and success require dedication from all members of the Pack and encompass a year-round execution.  This is one of the most prestigious awards a unit can receive and we are committed to attaining this great award.


Congratulations to Pack 042 Scouts and Leaders for qualifying and earning the 2007 Centennial Unit Award. All uniformed members of Pack 042 are authorized to wear the  2007 Centennial Quality Unit Award patch shown below.


Patches for the 4-year Centennial recognition will be as follows:




2007 - red background

  2008 - white background  


2009 - blue background

  2010 - red, white, and blue background  

a special award and recognition will be presented to units attaining these awards each year in 2010.


For more information and forms check out the Centennial Quality Awards Program page at www.scouting.org