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Webelos Activity Pins

The following is a list of the Webelos Activity Pins and their requirements. Webelos place these pins on their Webelos Colors (worn on their right shoulder) after they have completed the respective activity and it's requirements. There are 20 Activity Pins broken into 5 categories.  In order to earn the Arrow of Light a scout must complete a total of 8 of the following Activity Pins; at least one from each category including those marked as required below:

   required as a part of earning the Webelos Badge
   required as a part of earning the Arrow of Light


Webelos Activity Pins


Physical Skills

  aquanaut athlete fitness sportsman



Mental Skills

  artist scholar showman traveler



Community Group


citizen communicator family member readyman



Technology Group

  craftsman engineer handyman scientist



Outdoor Group

  forester geologist naturalist outdoorsman