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Additional Youth Awards - Whittling Chip Card


"A Cub Scout knife is an important tool. You can do many things with its blades. The cutting blade is the one you will use most of the time. With it you can make shavings and chips and carve all kinds of things.

You must be very careful when you whittle or carve. Take good care of your knife. Always remember that a knife is a tool, not a toy. Use it with care so that you don't hurt yourself or ruin what you are carving."


Whittling Chip Card



Bear Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts ONLY

1.  Complete Bear Achievement 19, Shavings and Chip.

2.  Demonstrate knowledge and skill in the use of a pocketknife.

3.  Show that you understand that knives are NOT toys.

   -   Close the blade with the palm of your hand

   -   Never use a knife on something that will dull or break it

   -   Be careful that you do not cut yourself or any person nearby

   -   Never use a knife to strip the bark from a tree

   -   Do not carve your initials into anything that does not belong to you

4.  Take the Pocketknife Pledge.

   -   I understand the reason for safety rules

   -   I will treat my pocketknife with the respect due a useful tool

   -   I will always close my pocketknife and put it away when I'm not using it

   -   I will not use my pocketknife when it might injure someone near me

   -   I promise never to throw my pocketknife for any reason

   -   I will use my pocketknife in a safe manner at all times

This is an older version of the Whittling Chip Card which is also valid and still also used.
The new Whittling Chip Card is shown at the top of this page.