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Additional Youth Awards - Crime Prevention Award

CrimePrevPin.gif (24215 bytes)The Crime Prevention Award can be earned at EACH level of Cub Scouting, using different requirements.   The Award for completion of the requirements is the patch shown above, in addition, an optional wall certificate is available for individuals, families, dens, packs, or other groups who participate in the program.  The pin shown to the right, can be optionally presented to youth and adults who participate in and/or give leadership to the program.

The patch is worn on the uniform shirt, centered on the right pocket as a temporary patch or worn on the Scout's red vest.  The pin is NOT worn on the uniform.

The program has an individual or Youth and Family requirements phase, and a second phase  that is designed to be a group, or Youth and Unit phase to fulfill the requirements


Crime Prevention Award



All Ranks

Complete activities from the program book in which your son is working, as indicated below, and discuss how they relate to crime prevention in your family.

AFTER completing the requirements listed below for your specific rank, participate with your family, den, pack, or friends in a crime prevention project, either an original project or a project of a neighborhood- or community-based organization. (Before beginning the project, have the unit leader approve your choice.)

Tiger Cubs
  • "Know Your Family" - Hold a family meeting and discuss ideas from the "Youth" section in the Crime Prevention Award Guidelines for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

  • "Know Your Community" - Discuss how your family can better understand community resources related to crime prevention.

  • Wolf Cub Scouts
  • "Know Your Home and Community" (Wolf Handbook, Achievement 4)

  • "Making Choices" (Wolf Handbook, Achievement 12)

  • Bear Cub Scouts
  • "Law Enforcement is a Big Job" (Bear Handbook, Achievement 7)

  • "Be A Leader" (Bear Handbook, Achievement 24)

       Relate three of the requirements to crime prevention

  • Webelos Scouts
  • Citizen Activity Pin

  • Family Member Activity Pin

       Discuss items about

  •                     drugs and crime

  •                     gangs and crime

  •                     graffiti and crime

  •                     peers and crime